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Publications / Seminars

Steve Goozée has spoken publicly many times, at seminars on various aspects of the law addressed to practicing lawyers, insurance claims adjusters, and other professionals.  His publications include:

Mediator's Viewpoint
(AWCO, 2012)

Aligning Your Advice With Current Legislative Developments
(NBI, 2012)

Mediation of the Workers' Compensation Case
(NBI, 2012)

New Approach to Resolving Workers' Compensation and Other Work-Related Claims Effectively
(Birmingham Bar Journal, Fall, 2011)

Preparing the Plantiff for Mediation and Mediator's Perspective
(Cumberland School of Law Annual Workers' Compensation Seminar, October, 2011)

Mediation Process From Plantiff's and Mediator's Perspective
(University of Alabama CLE, 2011)

Workers' Compensation Update

Fundamentals of Retaliatory Discharge

Analyzing Claims
(Sterling Educational Services, 2004)

Evaluating Physical Impairment
(Sterling Educational Services, 2004)

Hardly a Landmark Case for Employers: Alabama Power Co. v. Aldridge Provides No License to
Fire Injured Workers
, 26 Am. J. Trial Advoc. 563
(with Lawrence T. King, 2003)

Retaliatory Discharge - The Near Death and Revival of a Tort, ATLA Journal
(with Lawrence T. King, Spring, 2001)

Personnel Law Update
(Council on Education in Montgomery, Alabama, 1999)

Alabama Labor and Employment Law
(NBI, 1998)

Injuries in the Workplace - Examining the Workers' Compensation Process
(NBI, 1998)

Worker's Compensation in Alabama
(NBI, 1996)