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Slip / Trip and Falls

Under Alabama law, shopkeepers, restaurants, and other premises owners owe the public a duty to make sure that their premises are in a safe condition, and, if not, to adequately warn their customers there buying their products and goods to be mindful of any hazardous conditions that may exist that could cause injury.  Examples may include floor spills or water leaks either created by the premise owner or floor defects that the premise owner knew about and failed to put out wet floor signs or barriers.  Mr. Goozée has successfully tried and/or settled many premise liability cases against department and grocery stores, such as Bruno's, WalMart, Belk's, Big Lots, Dillard's, Target, and others.

Lawsuits can have a very positive affect on a community.  Several years ago, Mr. Goozee represented the family of four year old Jasmine Moore who tragically lost her life when she fell into a street-side storm drain that was built and maintained by the city of Birmingham.  The accident happened on a very cold and stormy night when young Jasmine was attempting to enter a family member's car parked on the street.  The drain's cover removal had been reported to the city weeks before the tragedy, yet they did nothing to repair it or warn the public about it's dangerous condition.  Following the lawsuit alleging that the city was negligent in the maintenance and repair of it's storm drains, not only did the city of Birmingham fund hundreds of thousand of dollars to repair the many dangerous storm drains throughout the city, so did the surrounding cities and communities.

Mr. Goozée also secured what is believed to be the largest jury verdict ever in Marshall County in a slip or trip and fall case.  His client had stopped at a gas station, refueled his car, and as he began walking toward the facility to pay, tripped over a PVC drain pipe that ran from the roof of the "fuel island" down its side, and projected then over the walkway.  That dangerous tripping hazard snagged his client's foot and pitched him off balance onto the parking lot, causing severe neck injuries.  The jury's six-figure verdict in a traditionally conservative county compensated him for the effects of the injury on his life, and the defendant's insurance company paid without filing an appeal.